The school in St. David's Street

The Geelong Association for Parent Controlled Christian Education.

How it all began…

it all began back in 1975, when a handful of people met together in a lounge room to share a vision about starting a Christian school.

The first meetings were partly business and partly prayer. It was surprising how much support there was to start up a Parent Controlled Christian School. Looking back, one can see that the Lord went before us. Many meetings and a lot of fundraising bore fruit. At one of those meetings it was decided to start up a primary school, not a secondary school. One of the first fundraising activities was an orange drive. Many Saturdays were spent selling bags of oranges for one dollar, fifty cents of which was profit for the school. Many diehards sold oranges week after week and the cents started rolling in.

Even before the School was opened, fundraising was done in the form of putting together a calendar. Advertising space could be bought by people with retail businesses and the calendars were given away free of charge. The Lord blessed these and many more efforts to raise funds for the school before there was even a building.

The first building was a rented and old school house in St David Street North Geelong, which needed to be cleaned, painted, refurbished etc. The furniture was pre-loved and out of date, but with a lot of cleaning and a lick of paint, it soon all started to take shape. Supplies came from all over the place and many people gave  their time and energy free of charge.

In February 1979 Geelong Christian School (as it was then known), was officially opened.

We have been on our current 23 acre site since 1983. The school has grown from four rooms to over 30 rooms, including all the specialist areas.

The school has continued to develop its distinct Christian ethos over the 30 years by providing programs such as our ‘Year 9 Outback Program’ promoting servanthood, the Christian Kickstart VET subject  that caters not just to our own students but also to other Christian students in the Geelong region. The Senior students also have the opportunity to participate in overseas missions trips. Covenant College has been blessed with dedicated staff with a deep conviction to serve the Lord in this ministry. Our strong alliance with Christian Education National (CEN) and the National Institute of Christian Education (NICE) continues to empower and encourage our staff to teach from an authentic Christian worldview. We rejoice in the Lord’s faithfulness – Psalm 100:5.