The Middle School program includes:


SPECIALIST SUBJECTS (taught by Specialist staff members or Core teachers):
TECHNOLOGIES - Digital, Hort/Ag, Design (wood, metal, plastics)
THE ARTS - Music, Art, Dance and Drama
L.O.T.E. (Japanese)

Key Competencies

* Collect, Analyse and Organise information,
* Communicate Ideas/Information,
* Plan and Organise Activities,
* Work with Others,
* Solve Problems,
* Use Technology,
* Use Mathematical Ideas and Techniques.

Some examples include:

Students supporting the community project Adopt a Family Appeal run by the Geelong Advertiser.
Students supporting the Mission Trips to The Philippines and child sponsorship. Students particiapte in the 40 Hour Famine.

Festival of Minds

This is a 3 day whole Middle School event where students form teams to solves challenges and work on Critical, Creative, Collaborative and Christlike ‘thinking’.

We have camps, excursions, theme days, musical productions, sports events, an instrumental music program, Expo, maths and English extension programs and many other activities along the way; all designed to provide a fun, challenging and engaging atmosphere for our students to grow and thrive throughout their Middle School experience.

Student Management

Middle School teachers have the responsibility of encouraging students to comply with Covenant College rules, which include completing tasks to the best of their ability, wearing uniform appropriately, caring for resources and displaying well-mannered and courteous behaviour. Parents may request a copy of the Student Behaviour Policy.