Visual Arts Department

Art, from a Christian Worldview, can be seen as a direct interaction and representation with God's splendour and sovereignty. Genesis 1:27 speaks of God creating 'man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.' In the same way that God is the creator, he made us as creative beings.

In the Visual Arts, we will be able to experience creating art in a variety of ways and reflect on how we as Christians can enjoy creating and enjoying what God has created for us here on Earth. Each one of us is blessed with the ability to think creatively and with opportunity to nurture that ability and create pieces that are pleasing to God and others.

The Visual Arts encourages and supports students to recognise their individual potential as art makers and presents a guided process to assist their understanding and development of art making.

The visual world is becoming increasingly complex; the quantity and quality of advertisement, marketing and their effects on us and our students as consumers is something that is very important to explore with students. Furthermore, our Christian Worldview responses to this as the media and advertisement and our ability to discern and decipher these underlying messages is invaluable for our students as they embark on life in the ‘real world’ in the near future; a visual literacy.

We aim to establish effective art practices through the application of an individual design process to assist in the production of a folio of artworks.

With a knowledge base embedded in the theory and practice in the visual arts, the subject includes drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, visual communication and design, digital media and art appreciation. The learning focus is designed to encourage divergent thinking, risk taking and creative problem solving leading to developing and defining a personal style. The theoretical component of art is important for students’ work as it offers a strong foundation of information to base ideas on for artworks.

Art is a compulsory subject from Foundation to Year 9, with electives offered at Middle School and Senior School levels. Covenant College offers VCE Unit 1-4 Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design and Media.