Sue Cox Biography

Tell us a little about yourself…

I currently live, with my husband, in Inverleigh on 32 acre farm. We have a variety of animals: sheep, cows, an alpaca, chickens, two ponies, two dogs and a cat. I spent my early teenage years living on my fathers’ farm where I had the responsibility of making sure the animals were healthy, fed and clean. I have always loved the country and really enjoy working on our farm. I have taught at Covenant College for many years across many and varied subjects and have really enjoyed the challenge of using my Diploma in Ag., to work with the Agriculture students.

How did you first become interested in working with animals?

While I was at school my dream was to become a VET – so the joy of working with animals has been there from an early age. We have always had pets and now have a farm, which has always been a dream.

What do you enjoy about working with young people in the Agriculture VET course?

I enjoy working with the Agriculture students as we learn together – students sharing their knowledge, experience and their passion for all things Agriculture with other students and their teacher.

What do you think and the highlights of the Agriculture Course at Covenant College TSC?

The ability to learn in different classrooms – a classroom that can be a huge farm or out in our paddock caring for the resident sheep and alpaca or visiting a local producer who has a sustainable approach to agriculture or listening to a retired farmer share his passion for the land or learning to drive the TSC’s tractor and ride-on-mower. Another highlight is learning through work experience, the students have worked in different environments such as a horse riding centre, a free range chicken farm, a berry, meat and vegetable producer who runs a café, working with stock agents and many more. 


By the way…

Hands on and practical learning is often the best way to learn, you don’t forget the experience, the activity and the purpose of what you are doing. It makes learning real.